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Why 'bring solutions not problems' doesn’t work

Jul 6, 2021 • management, leadership, feedback

Many years ago, when I asked a very grumpy direct report to “start bringing solutions, not just problems,” it did not go well. read more

How To Share Complex Company News With Your Team And Build Trust

Jun 22, 2021 • management, leadership, communication, leading-through-crises

There are a number of pitfalls leaders can fall into when organizational changes or world events start impacting our teams. By responding poorly, leaders will create a lot more strife down the line. So, when a fraught issue arises, how can we help our organization move forward in a way that actually builds rather than breaks trust? read more

Borrowing lines from great leaders around you

Jun 14, 2021 • management

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

How To Evaluate Your Leadership Impact On A Performance Review

Jun 1, 2021 • management, leadership, feedback

Given that identifying visible, measurable progress in leadership work is a challenge, how can you evaluate your impact as a leader? And when it’s performance review season, how can you describe the impact of your work to your manager, human resources department and others who are evaluating you? read more

What to do when your employees are in crisis mode

May 11, 2021 • management, leadership, leading-through-crises

Years ago, Paloma Medina—whose name you may be familiar with, since she’s the person who developed the BICEPS core needs acronym—taught me how to quickly spot when someone’s amygdala has been hijacked. Folks in fight-or-flight mode will commonly display one of these five forms of resistance: read more

The art of the tick tock doc

May 10, 2021 • management, leadership, communication

Let’s say you need to get a critical new message out to your team: like a teammate’s departure, or a significant change to the business strategy. It’s time to get familiar with the art of the communications plan: a step-by-step strategy for sharing new information throughout an organization. read more

Updated! The New Manager Care Package

Apr 29, 2021 • leadership, management

In a year when celebrations have been very difficult to come by, I hope you’ll lend a little extra support to those you care about—with helpful management tools and some newly updated goodies. read more

We need to talk about your Q3 roadmap

Apr 20, 2021 • management, leadership, leading-through-crises

As people complete their vaccination schedule, as the world around us continues to burn, and as the product roadmap chugs along, something’s gotta give. And I think it’s going to be your feature plans—because the humans behind them need time to recuperate. read more

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