Lara Callender Hogan

I'm an engineering leadership coach and consultant. Previously VP of Engineering at Kickstarter, Engineering Director at Etsy.

I champion engineering management as a practice, getting comfortable giving presentations, and celebrating career achievements with donuts.

After a decade of leveling up engineering organizations and growing leaders at companies like Etsy and Kickstarter, I'm eager to bring these skill sets to our broader industry:

Coaching Managers

Often, managers are left without fundamental support. Most of us dive into team leadership without training, and we base our style off of the managers we loved—or we work hard at being the opposite of managers we didn't love.

I provide one-on-one coaching to individuals looking for support as they navigate growing as leaders in the tech industry. I'm here for anyone, at any stage, to lend some support through the goopy (but wonderful) process of growth as a manager.

Coaching Organizations

Product leader Deepa Subramaniam and I co-founded Wherewithall, a consulting company focused on product, design, and engineering organization health and leadership.

We work directly with you and your team to diagnose and solve problems inhibiting your organization's growth, health, and product velocity.

Hire us to lead your offsites, strengthen your roadmap, and reduce your organization's dysfunction.

Demystifying Public Speaking(A Book Apart, 2016)
Designing for Performance(O'Reilly, 2014)
Building a device lab(Five Simple Steps, 2015)

Check out more of my work on giving presentations, web performance, or mobile web and device labs.

Recent Posts

Dealing with your wage gap

Jan 8, 2018 • inclusion

“serious question: say you’re in HR and a woman comes to you with, my (male) coworker with same title/years of experience/performance rating is making 47k more than me. what are you supposed to do? what can you do?” - @amyngyn (read more)

When your manager isn't supporting you, build a Voltron

Jan 4, 2018 • management

In my years of coaching managers and individual contributors, I’ve routinely heard the following complaints about their bosses: (read more)

Dealing with surprising human emotions: desk moves

Dec 22, 2017 • management

Dealing with surprising human emotions is one of the most challenging aspects of being a manager. Generally, when someone appears triggered, or angry, or some other strong emotion that’s surprising, it’s likely that their amygdala has been hijacked, which I’ve written about before. Our amygdalas are in charge of our emotional reactions, and they’re critical to our “fight or flight” decisionmaking process. When our core needs feel threatened, our amygdala kicks into high gear. (read more)

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Recent Interviews

CodeNewbie: Why is my website slow?

You’ve got an amazing website. It’s beautiful, functional, but it takes forever to load. What do you do? Where do you even begin to debug that? I break down common web performance issues, tools you can use to diagnose the problem, and how to use AB testing to measure your results, in this podcast.

Netmag Voices

I was featured in the February 2017 issue of Netmag’s “Voices Interview” (PDF). We discussed web performance, honing management spidey senses, strength training, and public speaking.

Popular Mechanics

I was interviewed for the April 2016 issue of Popular Mechanics’ special section, “Technology’s Secret Weapon is Women” (PDF). The article interviewed a number of women in tech about their contributions to the industry. I’m especially honored that the magazine chose to include a photo of the first device lab that Destiny Montague and I built together.

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