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Six creative ways to use coaching questions

Nov 21, 2022 • management, leadership, coaching

My most-used tool these days is definitely this list of 20 great open questions. There are so many things it’s useful for. read more

Manage up without getting (too) salty about it

Nov 1, 2022 • management, leadership, feedback, coaching

An attendee from one of my Delivering Feedback workshops asked:

I think the Feedback Equation we learned today could work well with my manager, but I’m concerned about implementing it.

One of my biggest fears about giving them feedback is their negative response to it, so tying it back to what’s important to him makes a lot of sense to me.

However, how would I use coaching/open questions without getting salty that I have to coach them through the situation? I don’t have power in the relationship and that makes me worried about how I will handle it if and when my manager gets negative. read more

“Should I create a Performance Improvement Plan for my direct report?”

Oct 12, 2022 • feedback, leadership, management

There’s lots to be said (and felt) about Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs); they’re often a step that a company takes when an employee is not meeting the expectations of their role, and their manager (or the company) is considering whether or not to terminate this person’s employment. read more

Resources for navigating complex leadership work

Sep 21, 2022 • leadership

For a decade now, I’ve been writing and sharing free tools, templates, and how-tos for managers. My hope is, of course, that these have all been useful for you. But, my organization of it all finally hit a breaking point, so I’ve created a new, one stop shop for the most-searched-for topics. :) read more

What to do when a beloved employee quits

Sep 5, 2022 • management, communication

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

Happy Birthday To My 1:1 Questions!

Jul 19, 2022 • one-on-ones, leadership, management

When I wrote the Questions for our first 1:1 blog post six years ago, I had no idea that it’d have any impact for folks beyond my direct team. read more

How to get helpful, actionable feedback from your colleagues

Jul 4, 2022 • feedback, leadership, peers

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

What to do when your feedback doesn't land

Jun 9, 2022 • leadership, management, feedback

This email I received from a recent workshop attendee describes a common, but challenging, situation: read more

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