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How to get helpful, actionable feedback from your colleagues

Jul 4, 2022 • feedback, leadership, peers

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

What to do when your feedback doesn't land

Jun 9, 2022 • leadership, management, feedback

This email I received from a recent workshop attendee describes a common, but challenging, situation: read more

Resources for leading through crises

May 10, 2022 • leadership, management, leading-through-crises

My blog post from 2017, “Managering through terrible times,” continues to (sadly) be relevant for folks leading teams through the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. Since first writing that post, I’ve developed a bunch more resources to help you and your teammates as you navigate the frightening impact of world events. read more

How to gather helpful insight from your peers

May 3, 2022 • leadership, peers, resilience

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

When your coaching questions freak someone out

Apr 21, 2022 • leadership, management, coaching, communication

In my workshop on mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring, I talk about the difference between these three skills and how to employ each effectively. We spend a lot of time talking about what makes a good coaching question (like these 20 example questions!), like: make sure the question starts with the word “what,” be genuinely curious and open-ended (not leading), and keep it short and sweet. read more

The dreaded reorg

Mar 22, 2022 • leadership, management, communication

Back in 2017, I wrote an article about desk moves, and the surprising emotions we might see from our coworkers when a desk move is announced. read more

Delegation is an art, not a science

Mar 1, 2022 • leadership, management

When managers get to the “Delegate these tasks” quadrant of the Eisenhower matrix, they can hit a big mental roadblock. Delegation sometimes feels like it will require more of your time, energy, and focus than just doing the project yourself! read more

How to announce promotions fairly

Feb 28, 2022 • leadership, management, communication

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

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