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Interviewing at senior levels

Aug 13, 2019 • management

In my last newsletter, I wrote about a few skills that indicate someone is distinctly more senior in their role: read more

Updated: Work at different management levels

Jul 23, 2019 • management

“As a leader, your job should change every six months even if you stay put.” —Cate Huston read more

My 3 favorite types of manager meetings

Jul 2, 2019 • leadership, management

The first time I came across the concept of a “first team”, it was in the incredible book The Manager’s Path: read more

Communicating big news to your team

Apr 23, 2019 • leadership, leading-through-crises

As a manager, you’ve probably already been responsible for communicating a message from senior leadership to your team. Maybe you’ve had to give them a heads-up about company policy changes like a new performance review process, scary news like a reorg, or happy news like bonuses. read more

Order Now: Resilient Management book

Apr 23, 2019 • management

This announcement was a long time in the making: read more

A Tiny, Powerful Question for Better Feedback

Apr 21, 2019 • management, leadership

This post originally appeard on the 11:11 Supply Nerd Out Blog read more

Actively listening

Apr 3, 2019 • leadership

Hey, manager! read more

Roleplaying Difficult Conversations

Mar 6, 2019 • leadership

As a manager, I had no idea how to handle my first disruptive teammate. The work environment was becoming less and less psychologically safe; the rest of the team had started to work from home more to avoid being yelled at by her. But she rarely acted out when I was around, so I found myself struggling to give this teammate feedback. read more

It's performance review season!

Feb 12, 2019 • management, leadership

Ah, performance reviews. The season that eats up most managers’ spare time as they collect and synthesize feedback from others. The season that ramps up anxiety in teammates as they wait to hear what’s been said about them, and whether or not they’re gonna get that promotion. It’s both draining and tedious, and tremendously important. read more

Improving Cross-Functional Relationships

Jan 22, 2019 • leadership, biceps

Right after the new year began, I started to hear this question from a bunch of my coaching and workshop clients. Whether they were thinking about roles in product, engineering, design, project management, or another business function, it seems to be the season to tackle the fault lines between peer leaders across functions. read more

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