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Four steps to identifying your new role

Aug 12, 2020 • leadership

This post originally appeared on Lead Dev. read more

How to learn about someone's core needs

May 21, 2020 • management, leadership, leading-through-crises, biceps

The 6 core needs that humans have at work (BICEPS) are on my mind all of the time. In the past, I’ve talked about how to use the BICEPS core needs list to: read more

Easy check-in questions for your 1:1s during times of crisis

Apr 24, 2020 • management, leadership, leading-through-crises

Here are the questions I’ve been asking in coaching calls with managers and individual contributors alike, to get a gut check on how folks are feeling during this awful, strange season—without making the conversation too heavy. read more

3 steps for leaders to take in emergencies

Mar 31, 2020 • management, leadership, leading-through-crises

I’ll keep this intro short, because I know your energy and attention are precious resources during this season. read more

Creating predictability and stability in times of rapid change

Mar 15, 2020 • management, leadership, leading-through-crises, biceps

A few years back, spurred by the effects of the 2016 election, I published a blog post called “Managering in terrible times”. It begins: read more

How to manage up effectively

Jan 28, 2020 • management, biceps

In the last post, I walked through: read more

Is managing up a bad thing?

Jan 21, 2020 • management

One of the topics I’m asked to write about with some frequency is “managing up”. So I asked on Twitter: read more

Socially visible progress

Dec 17, 2019 • management

Our brains are trained to look for socially visible progress. read more

On direction 'versus' empowerment

Nov 19, 2019 • management

I first learned the phrase “balance direction and empowerment” from Dana Trader, Meetup’s former VP of HR (now she’s a VP at Teachers Pay Teachers). read more

How to offer challenges to your teammates

Oct 1, 2019 • management, biceps

Think about when a manager’s helped skyrocket your growth—what did they do? Did they teach you a new skill? Did they give you hard feedback? read more

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