Easy check-in questions for your 1:1s during times of crisis

Originally posted Apr 24, 2020 • More resources on building resilience & leading through crises

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Here are the questions I’ve been asking in coaching calls with managers and individual contributors alike, to get a gut check on how folks are feeling during this awful, strange season—without making the conversation too heavy.

Please feel free to use them in your own one-on-ones!

And here are some tips on how to ask these questions, straight from the brilliant mind of Paloma Medina:

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Extra COVID-19 leadership resources

A roundup of stuff I’ve shared or participated in over the last 3 weeks.

Leading teams through times of uncertainty and upheaval: Panel discussion

On this panel, we took a look at how to lead engineering teams in times of uncertainty, understanding that times of change affect people in different ways due to their personal circumstances, and identify the responsibilities of leaders during these situations. 45 minute video

Becoming A Resilient Manager: Podcast

In this episode of Scaling Software Teams, I provided Wes with some 1:1 coaching on his management style and used the BICEPS framework to help him better understand resistance patterns he may see in his daily work. 39 minute podcast

The Psychology of Virtual Meetings

Paloma Medina is leading this virtual workshop that helps you survive virtual meetings! Including how and why the brain affected by them differently than in person meetings. 90 minute workshop

Low-Challenge, High-Skill Tasks in Terrible Times

“For the last month I’ve found myself subconsciously jumping on “easier” tickets where I feel a high level of expertise (CSS tasks, layouts, prototypes) and I’ve struggled to get through tickets that have a high learning curve or cognitive load.” Blog post by Dave Rupert

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Woman speaking to camera with video player buttons underneathWant some extra support as you lead your team through this challenging season?

Check out my new Building Resilience video course to find exercises, tips, and homework to strengthen your network and manage your energy.

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