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Originally posted Dec 4, 2015

Looking for a gift for the designer or developer in your life? How about supporting women authors while you're at it? Here is a non-comprehensive list of great women in tech-authored books. Most have print and digital versions available, and I listed the prices that I could find at the time of this writing.


CSS Secrets by Lea Verou ($33.99 digital, $43.99 print + digital)

Going Responsive by Karen McGrane ($22.50 print + digital)

Front-end Style Guides by Anna Debenham ($2.99 Kindle)

Lean Websites by Barbara Bermes ($4.29 print)

JavaScript Cookbook by Shelley Powers ($42.99 digital, $54.99 print + digital)

I wrote Designing for Performance ($26 digital, $33 print + digital). All proceeds are donated to various charities focused on supporting underrepresented people in tech.

User Experience

A Web for Everyone by Sarah Horton & Whitney Quesenbery ($39 print + digital)

Badass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra ($23 print)

Lean Customer Development: Building Products Your Customers Will Buy by Cindy Alvarez ($20 print)

Colour Accessibility by Geri Coady (£3.00 digital)


Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby by Sandi Metz ($32 print)

Living Clojure by Carin Meier ($31.99 digital, $43.99 print + digital)

Head First Java by Kathy Sierra ($27 print)

Exercises in Programming Style by Cristina Videira Lopes ($38 print)

Geocoding on Rails by Laila Winner and Josh Clayton ($29 digital)

Definitive XML Schema by Priscilla Walmsley ($56 print)

How Do Calculators Even Zine by Amy Wibowo ($15 print, $8 digital)

Learning Node by Shelley Powers ($29.99 ebook)

Hello Web App by Tracy Osborn (digital + print: $29.95)


Linux Networking Cookbook by Carla Schroder ($35.99 digital, $49.49 print + digital)

Unix Shells by Example by Ellie Quigley ($38 print)

UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook by Evi Nemeth and others ($53 print)

Essential System Administration by Æleen Frisch ($38 print)

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition by Kristina Chodorow ($33.99 digital, $43.99 print + digital)

Introduction to Linux by Machtelt Garrels ($35 print)

How Does The Internet Zine by Amy Wibowo ($15 print, $8 digital)

Algorithms & Data Structures

Distributed Algorithms by Nancy Lynch ($140 print, $72 Kindle)

Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms by Loiane Groner ($45 print)

Probabilistic Graphical Models by Daphne Koller and Nir Friedman ($110 print)

Content Strategy, Information Architecture

Content Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGrane ($22.50 print + digital)

Content Everywhere by Sara Wachter-Boettcher ($39 print + digital)

How to Make Sense of Any Mess: Information Architecture for Everybody by Abby Covert ($20 print)

Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose (Voices That Matter) by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee ($19 print)

Just Enough Research by Erika Hall ($22.50 print + digital)


Designing for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin ($37 print)

Design for Kids by Debra Levin Gelman ($39 print + digital)

Geometry of Design Kimberly Elam ($13 print)

Web Design in a Nutshell by Jennifer Robbins ($32 digital, $44 print + digital)

Designing Connected Products by Claire Rowland, Elizabeth Goodman, Martin Charlier, Ann Light, Alfred Lui ($43 digital, $55 print + digital)

Games or Native Apps

Game Localization by Minako O'Hagan and Carmen Mangiron ($54 print)

iOS on Rails by Diana Zmuda and Jessie Young ($39 digital)

The Gourmet iOS Developer's Cookbook: Even More Recipes for Better iOS App Development by Erica Sadun ($29 print, $18 Kindle)

I co-wrote the book Building a Device Lab with another great woman in tech, Destiny Montague. (£3.00 digital)


Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols by Radia Perlman ($61 print)

JavaScript Robotics: Building NodeBots with Johnny-Five, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone more than half authors are non-male-identifying ($23 print)

Mastering mental ray: Rendering Techniques for 3D and CAD Professionals by Jennifer O'Connor (rent print from $15)

Literal Twitter Bot Zine by Amy Wibowo ($15 print, $8 digital)

Tech Industry

Effective DevOps by Jennifer Davis and Katherine Daniels (Early Release digital $29.99)

Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age by Virginia Eubanks ($18 print)

Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows ($12 print)

Founders at Work by Jessica Livingstone ($13 print)

Git for Teams by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby ($42.99 digital, $54.99 print + digital)

Managing Chaos by Lisa Welchman $39 print + digital

Practical Empathy by Indi Young ($39 print + digital)

Lean Branding by Laura Busche ($26 digital, $33 print + digital)

Looking for a gift for a young adult in your life? Check out Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets, a collection of sci-fi stories featuring brainy young heroines. All revenues from sales of this anthology will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers. (I wrote the foreword!) ($14 print)

Additionally, here's a whole list from O'Reilly in honor of the most recent Ada Lovelace Day.

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