Lara Callender Hogan

I'm the Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy and the author of Designing for Performance. Follow me on Twitter, read my blog.

I champion performance as a part of the overall user experience, striking a balance between aesthetics and speed, and building performance into company culture. I also believe it's important to celebrate career achievements with donuts.

Blog Posts

Giving Presentation Feedback (May 23, 2015)
"I routinely get the opportunity to provide feedback on draft versions of my coworkers’ presentations. I work with incredibly smart, interesting people, and it’s wonderful to listen to their stories, learn from them, and see what new thing they’re bringing to the industry. Having given different kinds of talks at a spectrum of venues, I’m able to ask questions and provide feedback that could (I hope!) help them with their presentation. " (read more)

Swanson -> Hogan (Sep 17, 2014)
"tl;dr: My given name is Lara Callender Hogan. A while ago, I got married, and changed my name to Lara Callender Swanson. I was divorced two years ago, and have recently decided to go back to Hogan. I still answer to “SWANSON!” :) " (read more)

Modeling advocacy (Aug 20, 2014)
"Note: this post was written by my father, Bill Hogan. I asked him to share his thoughts on how he approached parenting two daughters, given that we ended up well-equipped to confront sexism and other tough challenges for young women in our respective industries. Dad focused on a particularly great anecdote from our childhood, which I heard about a few years later. For me, hearing how he gracefully challenged sexist attitudes modeled how important it is to stand up for what’s right, regardless of how deaf those ears may be. My parents gave my sister and me the strength and tools we needed to stay strong in our careers, and to support others in doing the same. " (read more)

Quantifying the book writing process: my first draft (Aug 19, 2014)
"I'm taking this brief pause in the publishing process to analyze the first draft writing process." (read more)

On unsolicited criticism (Jul 22, 2014)
"I had a new experience a few weeks ago when I was speaking at Velocity. I gave a keynote to 2,000 people; throughout the following day, a half-dozen strangers came up to me to supply unsolicited criticism of my presentation tone." (read more)

My presentation workflow and challenges (Apr 4, 2014)
"I was asked to write about my presentation-creation process the other day on Twitter. I thought this was really interesting – I would love to know how other people approach developing, editing and improving on their presentations and public speaking skills! So here’s my whole process, including what I’m really working hard to improve upon." (read more)

Live tweeting from Keynote (Mar 14, 2014)
"I recently gave a presentation at FluentConf about Designing for Performance. I set up my presentation using Keynote ahead of time to automatically tweet relevant links and quotes from my Twitter account as I went from slide to slide. This was awesome for a few reasons:" (read more)

We’re all equally drenched (Sep 17, 2013)
"I was recently reminded of a big reason why I love working at Etsy. " (read more)

There’s nothing “pink” about interviews at Etsy (Feb 14, 2013)
"There’s been a bunch of really great, thoughtful responses to this article by Meghan Casserly on hiring practices at Etsy. The crux of what’s wrong with that article, to me, was summed up nicely by my coworker Rafe Colburn: " (read more)

Mobile Web at Etsy (Dec 7, 2012)
"Today is my last day at Dyn. In a month I’ll be working at Etsy as their Engineering Manager of Mobile Web. I’ll help build a team and a strategy around optimizing Etsy’s website for mobile, partnering with their Mobile App and Web Performance teams. I am both sad about departing Dyn and excited about the new opportunity. " (read more)

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