Demystifying Public Speaking

In our work, we each have moments of being in a spotlight - whether it's during team standups, giving a presentation to a client, or pitching your promotion to your boss - and yet we all have different fears about those moments.

This talk aims to help you identify your public speaking fears and learn tactics to address them, so you can feel prepared when that spotlight happens, no matter if your audience is big or small. We'll cover:

Demystifying Public SpeakingPick up the book, which has all this content and MUCH more! For example:

"If you think you don’t belong on a stage, if you've felt discouraged by one-size-fits-all public-speaking rules, read this book. Lara packs practical advice and reassuring stories alike to give you the confidence to share your unique voice and expertise in front of a crowd." —Yesenia Perez-Cruz, Design Director