Lara Hogan

I'm a management and leadership coach and consultant. Previously VP of Engineering at Kickstarter, and Engineering Director at Etsy.

I champion management as a practice within the tech industry, and celebrating career achievements with donuts.

Manager and Leader Coaching

It often feels like those in management or leadership are supposed to have all the answers. After all, we are in all the meetings, have the inside scoop, and can influence important things like compensation and promotions!

But more often, we are left without fundamental support. Most of us dive into team leadership without training, and we base our style off of the coworkers we've loved—or we work hard at being the opposite of the ones we didn't love.

At some point, you may be faced with a tough situation and could use some support. Maybe:

I'm here for anyone, at any stage, to lend some support through the goopy (but wonderful) process of growth as a manager and leader.

How does it work?

It can be a one-off call to help you work through a problem, long-term check-ins as you grow, and anything in between. You'll come to our one-on-one with an agenda or topic you'd like to focus on. We'll chat over the phone or video, and we'll design a schedule together based on what you might need.

Imagine meeting with me is like having a one-on-one with a manager who cares deeply about, and is invested in, your growth. During our chat, I'm 100% focused on you and where you want to go, or what skills you want to develop. I'm there to give you feedback, advice, and most importantly, to help you to deeply introspect and find the answers that already live inside of you.

My fees are reasonable, and we can chat about them during a free sample session. I also offer retainers for engineering, product, and design organizations interested in supporting their managers and leaders with routine one-on-one sessions.

Interested in having a one-on-one? Have more questions about it? Contact me below!

Who am I?

I'm VP of Engineering with over a decade of experience growing and managing organizations from a handful of engineers to dozens. I've hired, I've fired, and I've coached tons of folks on how to have difficult conversations, deliver hard-to-hear feedback, and step up as a leader.

As a manager and leader, I honed the following primary skills in order to support others:

My coaching practice leverages those skills in a blended approach. I coach folks of all levels/experience, and across a multitude of disciplines. I specialize in supporting members of underrepresented groups as they navigate growing as leaders in the tech industry.

How can this help companies?

Often, those in upper management are stretched thin and can't dedicate all the time they want to one-on-one conversations with their direct reports. It's not that leaders can't be great managers; it's that sometimes, it's helpful to call in reinforcements.

When you give senior managers and directors the ability to refer their direct reports for one-on-ones with me, it does three things:

I'm able to leverage my experience (and enjoyment!) coaching and supporting emerging leaders at various levels, stages of team growth, and challenges to help your leaders gain some extra support.

If you're interested in a coaching retainer for multiple managers and/or leaders at your company, please contact me here!

Interested in having a one-on-one?

I currently have a short waitlist for new sessions. To be added, please fill out this form, and I'll reach out as soon as I have availability!

For company retainers, please contact me here.


"You know how you feel a little more well-equipped to do your job after reading one of Lara's great blog posts? Now imagine that feeling, and multiply it by 100. That's what a coaching session with Lara is like. I leave our sessions imparted with her wisdom and with clear, actionable steps to face whatever challenge I'm up against."—Sophie Shepherd, Design Manager at GitHub

"I started working with Lara during a challenging role transition where I felt like I was drowning on an almost daily basis. Lara didn't just help me stay afloat - she kept me focused on strategic priorities, helped me work through difficult decisions, and ultimately supported me in harnessing the opportunity to rapidly grow in my leadership capabilities. I'd recommend Lara to any engineering leader looking for extra support outside their organization."—Steve Lloyd, VP of Engineering at Strava

"Lara’s two outstanding qualities that jump to mind are: her deep knowledge, understanding and experience of how to build “people first” organizations, and her vast repository of pragmatic and effective approaches to management situations (I still refer to or share some of her blog posts on a weekly basis). Whether you are a new Engineering Manager transitioning from an individual contributor role, or a seasoned leader trying to promote diversity and inclusion in your team, you can count on Lara to guide you to success."—Nassim Kammah, Engineering Manager at MailChimp

"When I was facing a challenging situation with a direct report, Lara was the first person who came to mind to help me figure out how to navigate it. Talking with Lara helped me see where my instincts were on the right track, and also helped me frame my thinking in a way that made the situation seem manageable instead of perplexing."—Rebecca Murphey, Engineering Manager at Indeed